HCF Prayers September 2013

Jesus wept,

            and in his weeping

                        he joined himself forever

                        to those who mourn.

            He stands now throughout all time,

                        this Jesus weeping

                                    with his arms about the weeping ones:

            ‘Blessed are those who mourn

                        for they shall be comforted.’

            He stands with the mourners

                        for his name is God-with-us.

Jesus wept.


  • Pray for those health care professionals who may be feeling overwhelmed and discouraged by the problems they face day by day…


  • Pray for healthcare workers in situations of conflict or poverty, where resources are scarce or unavailable…                                                                       


  • Pray for those involved in caring for people with mental health issues, especially where those issues are long-term


  •   Pray for new staff and for students starting new courses this month, particularly for those coming from overseas.


  • Pray for all who left at the end of last term and those who return…


  • Pray for staff and patients at Nevill Hall, Abergavenny;


for healthcare workers in places where there is war or communal strife;

for Health Care in Australia and the Pacific.


Living God,

 for the love that never fails; for the comfort of your presence;

for the grace that enables us to carry on;

 for the future full of hope;

and that we can come to place our trust and confidence afresh in you

we bring you our grateful thanks and praise

in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord,


About chaplaincy

We are the Chaplaincy to the University of South Wales
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