Health Care Prayers, February 2013

You may like to begin by reading Luke 5:12-16.

What particularly strikes you in this reading? The compassion of Jesus; the desperation of the man; the way he is restored not just to physical health but also to his community and to the ability to work; the need Jesus had to regain his strength.

Allow the passage to guide you as you pray… 

  • For the staff and students of HESAS
  • For those newly arrived in this country
  • For those nearing the end of training and seeking a post
  • For all health care professionals and managers, the gift of compassion and its renewal in fatigue
  • For the staff of Llwynpia Hospital, Cwm Rhondda and the George Thomas Hospital in Treorchy
  • For the patients of those hospitals and their families
  • For all involved in Health Care across Asia, particularly in situations known to you
  • For the 203 Welsh Field Hospital in Afghanistan
  • For ourselves, the refreshment and renewal of God’s Spirit 

Lord Jesus Christ, Lover of all, we ask your blessing on doctors and nurses, on all who look after those who are ill, who give friendship to those who are distressed, or sit with those who are near to death. 

We ask your guidance for those who are engaged in medical research, that they may persevere with vision and energy; and for those who administer the agencies of health and welfare, that they may have wisdom and compassion.

Lord Jesus Christ, Lover of all, bring healing, bring peace.

About chaplaincy

We are the Chaplaincy to the University of South Wales
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