Health Care Prayers for December 2012


This last year has been for many a pressurised time. Increasing demands and decreasing resources mean that it easy to become demoralised and weary. Yet into these cold and sometimes gloomy days breaks the light of Advent hope, – the coming of Emmanuel, God with us, and the promise of the coming Kingdom of God.


Read Isaiah 65:17ff and catch a fresh glimpse of God’s promised new heavens and new earth, where ‘the sound of weeping…will be heard no more’. In God’s promised new creation ‘no more will an infant live but a few days…or an old person not live out a lifetime…No more will they labour in vain or bear children for calamity…’


So let’s encourage one another as we watch, wait and work for the coming of God’s Kingdom!



  • We pray for those known to us who are feeling weary or discouraged in their work


  • We pray as ‘Compassion in Practice’ is launched, that it may be used by God to encourage all that is best in Health Care.


  • We pray for hospital wards and other services under pressure due to the sickness of staff


  • We pray for those in hospital over Christmas-time and for all health care staff who care for them


  • We pray for those with mental health issues, especially those affected by the seasons


  • We pray especially for the staff and patients of the George Thomas Hospital, St Tydfil’s Hospital and Pontypridd Cottage Hospital


  • We pray for all HESAS staff and students, especially those we know.


  • We pray for international students, far from home at Christmas


  • We pray for those affected by HIV/AIDS, both in this country and across the world.


  • We pray for families ravaged by AIDS across the world: families left without young adults; children left without parents.


  • We pray for hospital chaplains and Christian health care professionals: that God’s spirit will give wisdom and compassion as we serve him within the Health Service.



The Sun of Righteousness shall rise with healing in his wings!’

About chaplaincy

We are the Chaplaincy to the University of South Wales
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