End of Year Party at the Meeting House

by Maarten Heinsius

It is the end of the year, and what a year. The Chaplaincy has taken on a new and even broader role in the University, and that deserved to be celebrated. Despite Treforest currently being the perfect backdrop for a new-age western in a small deserted desert town, a large number of students gathered to enjoy each other’s company for the last time this academic year. A goodbye for some, a welcome for others, the end of a fantastic year for everyone.

The evening began, as any good evening, with food. The Chaplaincy had prepared beef and bean chilli as well as nachos, salad and garlic bread. The meal was delicious. While everyone was eating busily, Olga (a prominent member of the Meeting House Group) snuck up on people and provided them with the name of a famous person. This was stuck on people’s backs, so they couldn’t see who they were. The objective was to find out their secret identity by asking questions. After Vaughan (the Chaplain) was able to guess his first identity (Leonardo da Vinci) correctly, we provided him with the much more entertaining identity of “Lady Gaga” which he was unable to ascertain.

After the meal, we showed the short movie “The Butterfly Circus” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p98KAEif3bI). An inspiring film about a man “God himself has turned his back upon” who learns never to give up.

Following this, Olga led us through a Belgian dance to the song “’t Smidje” (The Smith). The whole building was trembling as the group danced in unison. We finished the night with a fantastic social game. A small group of the players are Mafia in a small village, and their objective is to eliminate the other villagers, one by one. The villagers need to find out who is the Mafia, and eliminate them. One thing we learned from this game is: never trust a chaplain!

It was a great end to a fantastic year. As a student who has been at this University for four years, I can say how welcome a service like the Chaplaincy and Meeting House is to us students, as it supports us in holding great events. I do not plan to be here next year, but I hope some of you will step up to help Vaughan and his team carry forward this great initiative.

Many thanks to Vaughan and Jan for cooking the great food, and to Olga and Cristina for helping me organise!

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