Students live on £1 a day at Glamorgan

To many people in the UK, £1 is a nominal amount and can be spent without much thought at all. However for 1.4 billion people around the world, £1 is all they can afford to spend per day.

The number of people who face extreme poverty today equals more than 20 times the population of the UK.

To get a glimpse into everyday life of these people and, more importantly, to try to help them, the UNICEF on Campus team at the University of Glamorgan is taking part in the Live Below the Line campaign.

‘This is our society’s first main campaign and I’m really glad that we are taking part in such a unique initiative to help deprived children around the world.’ – Siddharth Sobti, president of the society.

Along with 20,000 people in the UK, Australia, and the USA who have joined the Global Poverty Project’s initiative this year, each member of the team will spend five days, starting May 7, living on only £1 per day for all food and drink. That means no food donations from other people can be accepted and certainly no fishing in the fridge for previously bought food. Five pounds has to cover all food and drink in those five days.

So how will this help the children? That’s up to you! Sponsor the team members and your donation will go straight to UNICEF, the leading children’s organization that brings direct help to poor children and their families in more than 150 countries around the world.

To find out more and to sponsor the team please visit or ask at the Meeting House on the Treforest Campus.

By Markéta Šrajbrová – Journalism Student at University of Glamorgan

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