A World of Faith at the Meeting House

A diverse group of students met at the Meeting House on Monday evenings through March. After a presentation by Associate Chaplain Ray Vincent on “What is Christianity?” the group sat down for a meal, and over the table there was a lively discussion not just about Christianity but about religion in general.

The group were of at least seven different nationalities, and included all different types of Christians, Muslims, Hindus and one or two professed unbelievers. It was as if the whole world had gathered in one room, except that it was a peaceful world. The discussion was serious, passionate, honest and fun.

We all had an opportunity to express our own faith (and to question it) and to learn about other people’s faith. This was the Chaplaincy building truly being a Meeting House. Those who came are determined to meet again, and we hope to host many more such evenings in the future. Any suggestions for topics are welcome.

Anyone who wants to be kept in touch with future events should follow the Chaplaincy Channel, join the Meeting House Group on Facebook, or contact us.

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