Monthly Prayers for Healthcare Worldwide, August 3rd

As part of our commitment to the Seven years of Prayer for Healthcare Worldwide, initiated by the Healthcare Christian Fellowship, we are praying this month for: 

  • All students and staff in the Department of Care Sciences, especially any who are in particular need today
  • the students from Botswana who have now returned home
  • Hospitals: Ysbyty George Thomas; Y Bwthyn, Pontypridd
  • Healthcare workers in poor countries
  • Health care in Asia: especially in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other places affected by war and unrest; the 203 Welsh Field Hospital in Afghanistan
  • The work of Healthcare Christian Fellowship, especially preparations for its world Conference in Manila, 4th-9th September

We have also received the following request:

Many on our mailing list will know Dr Thomas Odejide, our dear Nigerian brother. Thomas and his wife Agnes are heading home to Nigeria tomorrow for their latest maternal health outreach at Living Hope hospital.

They ask for our prayers, especially for journeying mercies and all the necessary provision for the outreach, volunteers, money and materials and for God’s healing mercies upon the people.

Please pray for Thomas and the team as they offer wholeness in body mind and spirit to all that come.

Prayer for this month:

Lord Jesus Christ, Lover of all, we ask your blessing on doctors and nurses, on all who look after those who are ill, who give friendship to those who are distressed, or sit with those who are near to death.

We ask your guidance for those who are engaged in medical research, that they may persevere with vision and energy; and for those who administer the agencies of health and welfare, that they may have wisdom and compassion.

Lord Jesus Christ, Lover of all, bring healing, bring peace.

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