Easter Retreat Opportunities

How will you be spending your Easter vacation?

For students who want to spend a few days celebrating their faith and meeting others of like mind, there are many affordable options around.

You could, for instance, spend a week walking from London or the English Midlands to the shrine of Walsingham in Norfolk (usually sleeping on church hall floors). Or if that sounds too much like hard work, there’s a residential centre near Northampton which will welcome you for a week of beautiful walks and creative activities.

The Easter vacation is also a time when many monasteries and religious communities open their doors and invite young people to come for a taste of what they do (you don’t have to be considering joining!) In Scotland, the community at Iona offers a week exclusively for students, while closer to Wales, a taste of the life of St Francis of Assisi is on offer in Dorset.

You can find more about all of the possibilities above on the Chaplaincy’s Events Beyond Glamorgan page.

If you are staying in Glamorgan and want to find a local church to attend for Easter, you should be able to find one to suit you at the GlamFaith.org website.

Whatever you plan on doing, the Chaplains wish you a very pleasant Easter break.

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