Prayers for Health Care Worldwide, 2nd March 2011

We pray for all students and staff in the Department of Care Sciences, especially any who are in particular need today; and for the cohort of Indian students currently at the Department of Care Sciences, especially those who were delayed getting to the UK and are now having to catch up.

We remember especially the following hospitals: Neath Port Talbot (general hospital), Cimla (rehabilitation and elderly day care), Glanrhyd (mental), and pray for local churches and their ministry in hospitals.

Our international focus this month is on Australia and the Pacific, praying especially for those dealing with the effects of the earthquake in Christchurch.

The Healthcare Christian Fellowship has asked for prayers for its forthcoming World Conference.  

Lord Jesus Christ, Lover of all, we ask your blessing on doctors and nurses, on all who look after those who are ill, who give friendship to those who are distressed, or sit with those who are near to death.

We ask your guidance for those who are engaged in medical research, that they may persevere with vision and energy; and for those who administer the agencies of health and welfare, that they may have wisdom and compassion.


Lord Jesus Christ, Lover of all, bring healing, bring peace.

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