Have you heard the one about the Jew, the Muslim and the Christian?

The Rev Rosa Hunt’s concern for interfaith dialogue and understanding was awakened because of her concern about the deteriorating Christian Muslim relations in Mbale, Uganda. Rosa is the churches’ coordinator for PONT, the local charity that drives the twinning of Pontypridd with Mbale.

In a meeting organised by the Chaplaincy, in partnership with the Valleys Faith Forum and PONT, at the beginning of  National Interfaith week, in the Students’ Union, Rosa spoke passionately about the need for respect and understanding between people of different faiths.

At the end of Interfaith Week, we heard via the Jewish Tribune that Rabbi Gershom Sizomu is running for parliament in Uganda. If elected he would not only be the first Jew elected to national office in Uganda but also the first Rabbi to be seated in a nationally elected government outside of Israel. What’s more, his campaign is being run by a local Muslim and he is supported by Bishop Patrick Gidudu of Mbale.

As we in the UK, a Western liberal democracy, celebrate Interfaith week isn’t it heart warming to hear of a very real example of moving beyond tolerance by our partners in Uganda.

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