Scriptural Reasoning – An Invitation

When people of different faiths meet, the result is usually one of two alternatives. On the one hand, there can be fierce debate and argument, with people of one religion trying to convert those of another. On the other hand the meeting can be purely social: we enjoy the feeling of being together, we take an interest in each other’s festivals, we taste each other’s food and so on, but we carefully avoid any mention of our beliefs in case we offend each other.

This is certainly better than being at each other’s throats, but it can be a missed opportunity. It is our beliefs that make us what we are, so how can we really get to know each other if beliefs are left out of the picture?

We all value the Scriptures of our faith intensely, but we are often unaware of those of other faiths. Sometimes we are surprised to find they contain truths we ourselves believe, but expressed in a different way.

Scriptural Reasoning is a movement towards helping people of different faiths to understand one another better, beginning with a sharing of the rich heritage of our Scriptures. It is not for those who are content just to say “we’re all the same really”. It is about respecting and valuing the uniqueness and the integrity of each faith, and getting to grips with our differences. It is not about debates in which there are winners and losers. To quote a publication of the Scriptural Reasoning Society, it is about “the fostering of good quality disagreements”.
We would like to get a group like this going in the University of Glamorgan. We anticipate a small group where everyone has a contribution to make, and where the emphasis is on Scriptures and what they mead to ordinary people. We are suggesting that our first theme will be ‘the good life’

We are hoping to get this group together this term so If you are interested, please contact us at the Chaplaincy. You can phone us on 01443 654060 or you can e-mail us by clicking here We will then arrange a meeting at a time convenient to those who want to participate.

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We are the Chaplaincy to the University of South Wales
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