Inter-Faith Week

Next week (15-21 November) is Interfaith Week, when we’re invited to take a fresh look at the values and perspectives of people of different religious traditions.

Here at the University, we have students and staff from all over the world, and thousands of young people with questioning minds, for whom religion has been no more than a background part of their British culture.

There are a number of things on offer for people to explore in inter-faith week. There is a coach tour from the Chaplaincy on Thursday 19th to look at various places of Worship. There is also a lecture on the history of Islam, taking place on Friday 20th November.

For more information on these activities contact the Chaplaincy.

You can also find out more on the Inter-Faith Wales web-site

Open Churches Sunday

Christianity has been part of Wales’s heritage for the last two thousand years, and is still a thriving part of our local culture in Pontypridd. Perhaps “going to church” isn’t the first thing that comes to mind as a cultural experience, but churches are open every Sunday – and admission is free!

For Interfaith Week, nine local churches have come together to offer a special “Open Churches Sunday.” The churches recognise that any church service can seem strange to someone not used to it. You might be surrounded by people who seem to know exactly when to stand, sit or kneel, when you don’t even know the right words to say or sing. A casual visitor might find it embarrassing not knowing what to do, never mind trying to understand why everyone is doing it. On this special “open” day the nine churches want to make everything easy as follow and as transparent as possible to guests. The participating churches have all promised that guests will be made welcome and there will be no pressure on visitors to become members of the church or make any commitment.

Find out what Churches are taking part.

About chaplaincy

We are the Chaplaincy to the University of South Wales
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