Glamorgan Gives Back …. an update

Have you ever thought of volunteering ?

We recently posted a blog about Glamorgan Gives Back, but decided that is was time to update you on what was going on.

Earlier this year, the Students’ Union in partnership with the Chaplaincy launched Glamorgan Gives Back. Right now, during school half term week, volunteers from the Union are refurbishing a youth hall in Treforest.
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Last Friday, more students volunteered at our United Nations Day party in Bygones. It’s not too late for you, too!

Giving Back to Glamorgan is easy. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Choose one or more projects you are interested in.

Refurbish a local youth activity hall


Develop a woodland path and outdoor classroom


Primary school classroom experience – informal placement


Primary school classroom experience – formal placement


Chewsdays – community lunches on Tuesday


Record the heritage of a local graveyard


Clean up another local graveyard


There’s also GGB0010 – help administer the website and GGB project itself.

2. Fill out the application form.

You can find it here – once you have completed the form, send it or take it to the Students’ Union. DON’T FORGET to write on the top which project(s) you are interested in.

3. If you have chosen projects 0003, 0006, 0007 or 0008, which are administered through the chaplaincy, please click here to email, to make contact with your chosen project.

And there’s more! As an integral part of GGB, the Chaplaincy is offering Christian volunteers the chance to come together, to pray for the people and the projects we are volunteering to help, and to deepen our undertstanding of how we serve Christ by serving others. The CPR Group – Chaplaincy Prayer & Reflection – runs every Tuesday in term time at 4.15 p.m. in the University Chaplaincy building at 20 Llantwit Road. If interested, come along, dial 01443 654060 or click here to email .

The CPR group is made available by the chaplains, who will be happy to offer moral and practical support to students from other faiths who would wish to set up a similar group. If that’s you, please get in touch too.

About chaplaincy

We are the Chaplaincy to the University of South Wales
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