In the Chaplaincy we have recieved the following information about short term volunteering work overseas which may be of interest :-

Free overseas volunteering opportunities and new website for young people.

Platform2, the free youth volunteering scheme, is now well under way. Young people are already doing their bit in Ghana, South Africa and Peru. To see how they are getting on click here

This fantastic one-off opportunity is aimed at people aged 18-25 who wouldn’t normally be able to afford a gap year experience.

The trips are 10 weeks long, with a 1 week in-country orientation and then 9 weeks at the project. A three day residential follows their return to the UK where we will help volunteers make sense of their experience and act on it through telling their story in creative ways to raise awareness of development issues.

Typical projects include constructing community buildings, caring for and teaching children, building infrastructure at eco centres, and assisting in HIV clinics. The important thing is that they involve living among a local community, getting an opportunity to make a meaningful difference to that community, and then coming back inspired to tell their story here in the UK.
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