Preparing for the worst….

Just when life is going swimmingly you can almost guarantee that the unexpected will occur. For example, when you are ready to hand all your assignments in early suddenly you realise you have left out a crucial piece of information from your work. Or when you have had you hair done and you leave the hairdressers with a great new hair do; only to be confronted by torrential rain.

This is the kind of thing that can ruin your day, but what about the type of occurrence that can ruin your life ? What about those who live everyday as a ruined day as they face up to a lack of food, warmth, and a home ?

Christian Aid is an organisation that aims to address issues of poverty that ruin the lives of peoples, often in a tragic way. They look to governments to bring social change and they help communities in need. Every year they have a week of fundraising in addition to their usual fundraising initatives. This year the week will be held from 11th-18th May.

The theme for this year is preparing for the worst, using the theme of a village unprepared for disaster this campaign is seeking to help people to be prepared. Through finding ways to help people prepare for natural disasters, they are seeking to raise money to make buildings more secure and to help to create early warning signals. This is of course a very good cause and if you would like to donate to Christian Aid week you can by clicking here

Christian Aid responds to emergency situations as well as planning for the future. This week has seen the dreadful effects of the cyclone in Burma and Myanmar, which is estimated to have caused over 100,000 deaths and left 1 million people homeless. Christian Aid is running an emergency appeal which seeks to raise money for relief kits for people and to build emergency shelters. To contribute to this appeal please click here

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We are the Chaplaincy to the University of South Wales
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