Christian Approaches – Right and Wrong

Christian Approaches: Right and Wrong

Can you tell right from wrong? Good – but how do you KNOW what’s right? Are you sure? And do Christians decide what’s right and what’s wrong in a way differently from other people?

Perhaps we can tell what’s right by looking at the consequences. Maybe we want the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people on earth. Or perhaps we want everyone we meet to feel loved. But are consequences for this life only? Or are there eternal consequences – heaven and hell?

Or does looking at consequences mean that we’re saying the ends justify the means? Is there anything so bad that we wouldn’t do it on principle, even though it would make many people happy? Does the Bible teach us rules of behaviour that God expects us to follow, even if they make us miserable? And what about all those laws in the Old Testament?

But God wouldn’t want us to be miserable, surely. And God is love and dwells in our hearts… so perhaps our hearts will tell us what’s right. If it feels right, does that mean it IS right?

Confused? Why not come and talk it over on Wednesday evening? You know it’s the right thing to do. Because of the consequences – you’ll understand more! Or on principle – because it’s a good thing to know what’s good. Or because you feel it’s the right thing to do… but come! Wed 17th Oct, 6 pm until 7.30 at 20 Llantwit Road. Food provided – bring your own conscience.

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