Fairtrade, sold to the highest bidder

Fairtrade on Ebay

If you go to Ebay Fairtrade, you can see that the world’s biggest marketplace has caught on to the potential market for fairly traded goods. Everything in the Fairtrade section is certified by the Fairtrade Labelling Organisation, and all of the sellers are recognised companies with a reputation in Fairtrading. The companies offer Paypal as a means of purchase and they will deliver the goods direct to you. It seems that Fairtrade has never been so easy or some available.

Growing awareness

Over the last few years the Fairtrade campaign has grown. Fairtrade seeks to offer a vast range of products to the consumer at prices which ensure that the growers and manufacturers throughout the world are given fair prices for their labour. It also helps to ensure that the growing environments are maintained in a way that will ensure their ecological stability and longevity.

As a Chaplaincy team we are continually involved in Fairtrade issues and events, like the Fairtrade picnic in the Ynysangharad Park, Pontypridd, Saturday 30th June between 12- 3pm. Futher details on this can be found on Inform and Glamlife.

To trade fairly or not?

In partnership with the Student Union, Hospitality Services, and the Glamorgan Fairtrade Student Society, the Chaplaincy is proposing that to the University of Glamorgan become a Fairtrade University. It is an important issue in our globalised world. Each of us influences the world we live in, daily. How we influence it is up to each of us. For more information on Fairtrade, go to the Fairtrade Foundation

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We are the Chaplaincy to the University of South Wales
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One Response to Fairtrade, sold to the highest bidder

  1. ethical says:

    I think every company has a duty to trade as fairly as possible.

    I do worry thought that as this catches on, the ‘fairtrade’ label will become more of a brand than an ethos… Like has happened with ‘certified organic’ in recent years!!!

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